Torsten Hartmann

lead vocals, lead guitars, bass guitar, recorder

Klaus Schulz

acoustic guitars, cello, electric backing guitar, keyboards, grand piano, mellotron

Matthias ‚Matze‘ Wolfgarten

keyboards, grand piano, mellotron, organ

Thomas Götz

drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and electric backing guitar

Sea Goat members 1973 – today

from left to right:

Matthias ‚Matze‘ Wolfgarten: keyboards, mellotron, piano, e-piano, organ (1977-today)

Martin Krauß: electric guitar (1973-1978)

Kurt Zimmermann: bass guitar (1976-1982)

Klaus Schulz: acoustic guitars, cello, zither, keyboards (1975-today)

Torsten Hartmann: lead vocals, lead electric guitars, recorder (1973-today)

Thomas Götz: drums, percussion, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals (1973-today)

Rolf Nägele: bass guitar (1973-1975) unfortunately not on the picture

Walter Bauer: electric guitar, vocals (1980-1982) unfortunately not on the picture